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Yarn > Knitted Wit > Knitted Wit - Sassy Holidays 2018 Collection > Knitted Wit - Sassy Holidays - Bubble Bath Day - January 2018

Knitted Wit - Sassy Holidays - Bubble Bath Day - January 2018
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Knitted Wit - Sassy Holidays - Bubble Bath Day - January 2018


Victory Fingering 100% Superwash Merino Wool, 400 yards.


Greetings, Knitters! Happiest of New Years to all of you.
We are more excited than you can imagine to be debuting this yarn-shop-only colorway club, and
we're tickled beyond belief with our January holiday, National Bubble Bath Day, which was January
8th (but can be celebrated any time!)
After the stress and excitement of the holiday season, for many crafters, January is considered to
be Treat Yourself Month. Shopping for yourself, casting on projects for the pure enjoyment of the
knit, making things for you, January is a time to be a bit selfish in your craft. We can't think of a
better treat-yourself-endeavor than a bubble bath. Warm, softly scented, quiet, with a bit of wine or
tea or a book or a craft project (superwash, of course!), treating oneself to a warm bath can be the
ultimate in self care.
Our delightfully bubble-rific Bubble Bath colorway is all ready for you to wind up and cast on. Make
a one-skein shawl or cowl, or pair Bubble Bath with one of our shaded solids for a big hug of a
To aid you in your treat-yourself-indulgences, here's a bubble bath recipe to try tonight. Something
to keep in mind: depending on your water hardness or softness, you might not get the bubbles
you're expecting; that and the oil in the castile soap can sometimes hinder the bath's bubblemaking
capabilities. One way to combat that is to chew bubble gum as you're bathing, and if you
get no bubbles, blow some and then you'll still have a bubble bath ;) Whether or not you get oodles
of bubbles, this is a soothing bath, and you can add a tablespoon or so of the oil of your choice
and/or raw honey to make it more skin-soothing.
Snag a container to keep your bubble bath in.
Then mix the following:
* ½ cup warm distilled water
* ½ cup liquid castile soap, scent of your choice
* ¼ cup vegetable glycerin
* (optional) essential oils of your choice
Pour a 1/4-1/2 cup under warm running
water in your bath, unplug from your
responsibilities, and enjoy. It won't keep too
long without refrigeration because of the
water, so make sure you take as many fancy
baths as you can in the coming weeks. You
know we'll be doing the same.