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Yarn > Knitted Wit > Knitted Wit - Sassy Holidays 2018 Collection > Knitted Wit - Sassy Holidays - National Look at the Sky Day - April 2018

Knitted Wit - Sassy Holidays - National Look at the Sky Day  - April 2018
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Knitted Wit - Sassy Holidays - National Look at the Sky Day - April 2018


Victory Fingering 100% Superwash Merino Wool, 400 yards.


Greetings, Knitters!
According to the calendar, it is now officially Spring. According to anecdotal evidence all over the
country, that fact is under some pretty strong dispute (we're looking at you, East Coast and your
neverending nor'easters).
Spring is just about the strangest season, no matter where you live. In Oregon, it means that a
glance at the five-day forecast could yield anything ranging from a sunny day in the 60s to constant
dripping rain to an actual (gasp!) snowstorm. Our skies reflect that change-on-a-dime weather
reality all Spring long, often encompassing a few different weather systems at the exact same time.
We can't tell you how many times we have looked at the sky, turning our heads left to see blue skies
and puffy clouds, and then turning our heads right to see the most ominous grey sky you can
imagine. It's magical and maddening, and means that pretty much all walks must be accompanied
by a wool hat AND a raincoat.
Which brings us to our April Sassy Holiday. April 14th is National Look at the Sky Day, and we
created a colorway to encourage you to do just that. Whether you are squinting into the sun,
protecting your eyes from a rainshower, or catching snowflakes in your eyelashes, take a moment or
two to spend some time with your personal Spring sky. We assure you, you'll be rewarded with
something interesting, even if it's just being able to track a raindrop as it lands on your nose.
We hope that on April 14th, your sky looks like this stunning skein of yarn, but we make no
promises. All we can promise is that no matter what your sky looks like on National Look at the Sky
Day, it's an almost-certainty that it will change, and change soon.