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The Fibre Company - Meadow

Meadow is a lovely laceweight blend of four unique, luxurious fibers. The unique blend of fibers are spun and then kettle dyed, and the different way the fibers absorb the dye creates a beautiful depth of color with subtle heathered tones. A 2-ply yarn, it is slightly heavier than "typical" laceweight and is perfect for shawls and scarves as well as sweaters. 

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The Fibre Company-Meadow-Alfalfa


The Fibre Company-Meadow-Aster


The Fibre Company-Meadow-Bergamot


The Fibre Company-Meadow-Black Adder


The Fibre Company-Meadow-Cornflower


The Fibre Company-Meadow-Fennel


The Fibre Company-Meadow-Gentian Violet


The Fibre Company-Meadow-Ladyslipper


The Fibre Company-Meadow-Larkspur


The Fibre Company-Meadow-Lavender


The Fibre Company-Meadow-Pennyroyal


The Fibre Company-Meadow-Pokeweed


The Fibre Company-Meadow-Prairie


The Fibre Company-Meadow-Queen Anne's Lace


The Fibre Company-Meadow-Silt