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“Handmade” describes a distinction between designs stamped out in factories in huge quantities by machines and those designs that are literally built by hand. JUL designs involving precious metals and semi-precious stones can not be compared to mass-produced hardware, but should instead truly be considered “jewelry” made by skilled artisans.

We strive to offer interesting hardware options at different price points. We are also committed to offering truly exceptional quality that can only come from items carefully constructed by hand as well as items hand cast in studio casting houses in the US rather than production casting factories overseas.

We work directly with clothing and bag designers to develop integral bag jewelry and accessory designs in unconventional materials. Many JUL metal designs are created by Laura Bellows in wax, cast by hand in silver, and later reproduced in US casting studios in non-precious metals.
Other designs are generated in conjunction with Balinese co-designer Agus Astradhi and made by hand in Bali. For some items, prototypes are created by hand in Bali and produced in the US.


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Budapest Floral Leather Handle-Black 26"


Classic Rosewood Off Center Shawl Pin


Classic Rosewood Waves Shawl Pin


Coil Shawl Pin


Florentine Hinge Leather-Black


Florentine Hinge Leather-Chocolate


Florentine Hinge Neoprene-Black


Kayu Sapodilla Stripe Shawl Pin


Kebun Kayu Rosewood Circles Shawl Stick


Lisbon Beveled Leather Handle-Black 26"


Lisbon Leather Chain Closure-Black


Lisbon Patent Leather Trigger Lock-Black


Montreal Leather Trigger Lock -Black


Mosaic Black Onyx & Sterling Silver Lace Stick


Paisley Bridge Closure


Pedestal Buttons-Large Floral Stainless Steel 2"


Pedestal Buttons-Medium Floral Stainless Steel 1.5"


Pedestal Buttons-Small Floral Stainless Steel 7/8"


Pedestal Buttons-Small Cinnamon Slice 7/8"


Pedestal Buttons-Small Dried Fern 7/8"


Pedestal Buttons-Small Ivory Cracked Coconut 7/8"


JUL Designs - Spectator Bag Kit


String of Silver Beads Shawl Pin


Sweet Pea Vine Shawl Pin


Swirls Bridge Closure


Swirls Shawl Pin


The Lock Toggle Closure-Chocolate


The Lock Toggle Closure-Black


The Lock Toggle Closure-Chestnut


The Mod Loop Snap Closure -Black


The Mod Loop Snap Closure -Truffle


Venetian Hinge Leather Snap Closure-Aubergine


Venetian Hinge Leather Snap Closure-Black


Venetian Hinge Leather Snap Closure-Chocolate


Wild Grape Tendril Shawl Pin


Wild Grape Tendril Shawl Stick


White Coconut Shawl Pin with Coconut Stick