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We are excited to carry Tika Bags made in Pennslyvania!!

Here's an excerpt from their blog...

Years ago I realized that project bags were definitely a THING!! I've seen flat ones, round ones, triangular ones, tiny ones and gigantic ones ...but which are the best?
When you've got many languishing Works In Progress (WIPS), you've truly got a problem. How to store these lovelies? You don't want to let your beautiful project fall into the hands of... the dreaded ziploc bag.  Yes, you can see what's inside, they keep your knitting clean and dry and are surprisingly resistant to having the needles poke through them.  Plus they are cheap... replaceable... and did I mention cheap?
But come on, ladies!
There’s a whole wide world of trendy, adorabe, whimsical project bags out there...and one of them has your name on it.

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Tika Bags-Deja Vue-Brown Sheep


Tika Bags-Deja Vue-Eyes on Ewe


Tika Bags-Deja Vue-Sheepy Skeins


Tika Bags-Slick Wristlet-Chicken


Tika Bags-Slick Wristlet-Fox


Tika Bags-Slick Wristlet-Ladybugs


Tika Bags-Slick Wristlet-Pennslyvania Dutch