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Amy Butler

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Her story is not different from anyone else's, only her experiences are unique. She has been making things all her life; drawing as early as she can remember and learning to sew at the age of seven. She has been hugely influenced by her mother and grandmother: two dynamic women who shared their love of arts and crafts and always supported Amy’s desire to follow her heart.

In 1992, Amy and her husband Dave, decided to move home to be near their families and start their studio Art of the Midwest. She worked hard in art school to hone her skills and became obsessed with fashion and surface design. Following a job with a large company after school, she soon started filling her personal creative time by making small passport bags out of vintage fabric and selling them in shops.

One of her core beliefs is that through who we are and what we do, we can inspire great change in ourselves, each other, and in the world.

She believes that we can inspire those around us to become happier and more confident through finding our own creativity. Amy explains “That's the wonderful thing about making art! Finding creative fire, love, passion, excitement, and pure joy in the little everyday things. I feel fortunate to be on my path, nurturing my creative spark, and I love hearing about other like-minded folks who are finding theirs! It's a beautiful process, we're all in it together... growing, learning and becoming.”

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