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Anna Maria Horner

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After graduating with a fine arts degree in drawing, Anna Maria opened Handmaiden, a clothing and housewares boutique. The store served as a base for all her fashion and design interests. She began a line of highly sought-after handbags, intricately fashioned from an array of materials that made their way onto Hollywood's red carpet.

Anna Maria has been exhibiting paintings in galleries throughout her whole adult life. Regardless of the medium, the hallmark of Anna Maria's art is her masterful sense of color and her ease of composition. Her knack for versatility and desire to create beautiful things eventually turned her towards freelance product design and so In 2001, she created her own brand. Anna Maria's fresh perspective within traditional markets and her vision of being surrounded by the work of her own hands has led her to partnering with more than two dozen manufacturers: producing design housewares, gift items, textiles, authoring two sewing books and publishing a continuing collection of sewing and needlework patterns.

Anna Maria's goal is simple: to create designs that make the consumer feel alive and well. She has a zeal for life and family, and is a busy mother of seven! Anna Maria and her husband, Jeff, make their home in Nashville, where she develops her art collections in her home studio. Juliana, Nicolas, Joseph, Isabela, Eleni, Roman, Mary Anna and King Leo- the yellow lab keep life at an excitedly fast pace.

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