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Odile Bailloeul

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The Broderie Boheme collection will delight all those who love fabrics with rich emotions and precious patterns.  The delicate embroidered effects talk to the influence of remote folklore, festive fabrics, and intricate craftsmanship.  A collection that speaks to travel, accumulation, and the joy of an unexpected mixing of patterns; everything that makes the bohemian spirit!

You will love to combine, mix and match the fabrics with your own travel treasures, and be sure to add embroideries, pompons, and gipsy flowers to create your own fantasy world.

Nothing is forbidden here, so dare these surprising combinations of intense colors. And your most emotional and intimate quilts will come to life out of this joyful accumulation; it is so comforting to snuggle in this dream world...

The cold range blends blue, green, and black tones for a palette of dense and luxurious colors.  Some dark backgrounds evoke the folk fabrics of Slavic countries and the embroidered effects add a precious note to this collection.  To play with the bohemian spirit dear to the artist’s heart, some geometric, naive and vibrant patterns of bright colors complement the range to create surprising combinations.  Let yourself be swept away by this intense and vibrant color range.  The hot range dives into the soul of Odile Bailloeul’s world with red and pink tones that she mixes with happiness. The patterns all combine in a friendly mood to create bright and joyful creations with remote influences.