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Art is what you create…Inspiration is what we sell

Textile Creations, Inc. is a fabric company specializing in providing exclusive and artistic textiles to independent quilt shops, fabric stores and manufacturers.

For nearly fifteen years, we have been designing and introducing unique motifs and color schemes to the quilting and textile industry.Our efforts to create a product line both functional and style-progressive has introduced many distinct reflections of creativity and technique to the industry. By managing the growth of our business, we have remained especially close to our goods throughout the entire production process. It takes a huge volume of resources to manufacture textiles, and the practice of sustainability throughout development is a major focus of ours. We recognize that the handicraft of weaving, dyeing, and printing is not only a creative practice, but also a source of livelihood for those involved. For the people of South India, we take great measures to ensure the environmental protection of their community and their people. Much of the industry has seen this genuine practice of art replaced by a mass production mindset. We are continually assessing our goals as a business to guarantee that the measure of our product and the originality behind it are achieved in sustainable means.

Our entire line is accomplished with a wide range of natural and artistic inspiration.The bright color combinations of our Batiks are still celebrated by their abstract design and unique eminence. We’ve balanced these vivid standouts with the nostalgic approach of designing Ikats with a more ethnic, contemporary fashion. The mixture of earth tones and bright hues in Seminole and the dryer, blended technique of Winding Ridge fully encompass the exclusive structure achieved with only yarn-dyed, hand loomed goods.

As with all of our textiles, we strive to present our customers with not only an exceptional product, but one of full originality in design and character.

As a company, it has and will continue to be our focus to provide textiles that set market standards for exceptional artistic designs backed by a high quality of product and customer service. We hope you thoroughly enjoy these unique creations.

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Textile Creations - Mayan Block Ikat Squares - Apple Green/Natural


Textile Creations - Mayan Block Ikat Squares - Black/Rust


Textile Creations - Mayan Block Ikat Squares - Brown/Natural


Textile Creations - Mayan Block Ikat Squares - Royal/Natural


Textile Creations - Mayan Block Ikat Squares - Wine/Natural