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Ancient Arts-DK Bluefaced Leicester

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Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts colours begin with primary pigments, and are dyed using an immersion style dye process, which draws on the principles of water colour painting in order to give each colour way luminosity, character, and light, no matter how saturated the hue.  Colour is gently applied in layer after layer, building exquisite tones that present a story in each skein of yarn, and allow us to capture the complexity of the world around us. 

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Ancient Arts-DK-BFL-Amethyst


Ancient Arts-DK-BFL-Chinook Arch


Ancient Arts-DK-BFL-Emerald City


Ancient Arts-DK-BFL-Paxos


Ancient Arts-DK-BFL-Purple Haze


Ancient Arts-DK-BFL-Star Gazer


Ancient Arts-DK-BFL-Star Sapphire


Ancient Arts-DK-BFL-Syrah by Moonlight


Ancient Arts-DK-BFL-Turkish Coffee


Ancient Arts-DK-BFL-West Coast Waterfall