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Knitted Wit - Sassy Holidays - Waffle Day - March

Waffle Day

Here's something we found particularly interesting when researching Sassy Holidays for this club: there is a Waffle Day, and there is a NATIONAL Waffle Day. Yeah, two days devoted to our favorite sweet breakfast treat. We've included more information in our love letter, but celebrate March 25th with our friends in Sweden (and this awesome skein), and then celebrate again on August 24th for the US's National Waffle Day. Lucky us!

Our March colorway, shown above, is called Distraction Waffles. Why? Well, it all has to do with our favorite local parks employee, Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. You see, she loves the heck out of waffles, and the people closest to her know they can use that love to distract her from her all-consuming causes. We're just plain distracted with this colorway, and are plotting many, many projects using it... aaaahhhh, waffles....