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Knitted Wit - Sassy Holidays - National Lucky Penny Day - May

Greetings, Sassy Holiday Celebrators!
We're pretty sure that most of us, upon seeing a penny laying on the ground, get inordinately
excited about our discovery. We all know the rhyme…
Find a penny, pick it up
And all day long, you'll have good luck…
That must make the penny feel pretty darned good, because it's pretty much the only time the
average person actually gets excited about the humble penny. These wee one-cent pieces have
become more and more of a nuisance in modern-day society, something that feels barely worth it to
have on your person, let alone spend. Seriously, who wants a change-purse full of anything these
days, let alone pennies.
It's absolutely perfect that May 23rd is National Lucky Penny Day, because this is the time of year
when the weather is warming, the days are lengthening, and everything just seems perfect for those
glancing-at-the-ground scampers that will net you lucky penny discoveries. Knowing that there's a
day to honor and happily celebrate the humble penny, and remember just how excited we are to see
the coppery little coin when we're out scampering around town, is the perfect complement to
spring-time weather. We're thinking that any pennies found on Lucky Penny Day should give us
double-good luck. If you find one on May 23rd, take a photo, hashtag it #luckypennyday, and share
your luck with the world!
Our colorway this month, aptly named Lucky Penny, is filling all of us in the Studio with so much
love and happiness. It's like the colorway itself is a lucky penny that we discovered in our dyepots,
and we're so glad we did. We hope you are inspired by this colorway, and make some lucky,
amazing magic with it. If you're looking for more penny-inspired beauty and crafts, we suggest
googling "penny crafts," because folks have done some remarkable things with the humble,
coppery penny. From making earrings and necklaces to glueing pennies around the base of a lamp
or a mirror, there are many ways to celebrate these lucky little disks of copper. Yay for finding
pennies on the ground, and yay for enjoying good luck all year round!